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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Visit the Convent and Church of São Francisco - Real (Braga)

Convent of San Francisco, located in the Parish of Real, is composed of a church with a longitudinal plant, with an endonart, a single nave and a rectangular main chapel, on the axis, with a Greek cross chapel, laterally attached and conventual premises with irregular plant. Church with main facade, framed by pilasters in the wedges topped by pediment countersunk with edicule to the center.
It has 3 perfect back arc spans that open in the first register and rectangular window flanked by edicts, in the second, separated by strip of stone with the arms stone of the Franciscan Order. Endonártex with tiles of standard seiscentistas, possibly reutilized of the previous construction. Retables lateral, rococo and baroque joanino. Main altarpiece Baroque Johannine. Sixteenth-century chain, reclaimed from the Cathedral of Braga. Very simple conventual premises, devoid of decorative elements, with small loggia, with interior cover in edge vault. Adjacent to the church is the famous Chapel of St. Frutuoso, incorporated in the church, when the reconstruction of the convent in the 18th century. 18. The choir of the choir-choir is one of the three 16th-century examples in Portugal, which still remain today. The work of carving of the altarpieces, attributed to two of the great Bracaran figures, is of excellent quality, standing out two of the lateral altarpieces, which extend throughout the right foot of the nave, framing the windows. The main altarpiece presents the same imaginary arrangement of the main façade. The sacristy preserves above the archazion a reliquary retable in gilded carving.

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