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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Visit the Pelourinho de Beja

Beja's pillory will have been re-erected after the concession of the New Foral by Manuel I of Portugal.
At the beginning of the 19th century, it was transferred to D. Manuel Square (today Praça da República), believed to have been previously placed in the courtyard of the Paços do Concelho, ending up being dismantled in the same century, at an unknown date. During this period some of its architectural elements disappeared, with the exception of the capital, the auction and part of the shaft.
It has been classified as a Property of Public Interest since October 11, 1933.
It came to be reconstructed in 1938 with the elements that were then collected in the Archaeological Museum of the new building of the City Hall, later transferred to the Museum Queen D. Leonor, and that were constituted by the capital, the shot and the grimpa with the sphere armillary and flag surmounted by the Cross of Christ.
It has a trunk-pyramidal torso decorated with discs, palmettes, rosettes and ring, and is topped by a capital also torso and topped by armillary sphere and the Cross of Christ in iron.

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