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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Visit the Misericórdia Church - Santa Maria da Feira (Beja)

The Church of the Misericórdia de Beja, located in the parish of Santa Maria da Feira (Beja), is an emblematic and beautiful example of the transition architecture between the Renaissance and the Mannerism in Portugal, full of understanding of the sources of tratadistics and forms learned from the Italian mannerist lesson.
The building is developed in longitudinal plant composed by the volumes of the galilee, the main chapel and the dependencies.
The facade is composed of the sumptuous effect of the galilee, loggia of rusticado device inspired "in the engraving of Serlio that reproduced the average floor of the amphitheater of Verona". The Mannerist arcades are deeply marked in their verticality, creating a set of ribs supported in Corinthian columns, of clear classic taste. In the wall, preceded by stairs, wall and railing, the portal of the temple opens, with pediment of classic lines very purified. The body of the church, installed in the space that originally corresponded to the third section of the loggia, lost part of the original decorative program, possibly due to the undue uses that the space had from the first half of the nineteenth century. From its primitive integrated patrimony there remain the pulpit and four tablets with scenes of the life of Christ belonging to the altarpiece, executed in 1564 by the eborense painter António Nogueira, who are in the Regional Museum of Beja.

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