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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visit the nature park of Vila Nova de Gaia - Avintes

The nature park of Vila Nova de Gaia, located in the Town of Avintes is an area of agro-forestry county, with 35 acres where they live in the wild hundreds of species of animals and plants.
The park is also a small nature reserve of fauna and flora, more than 40 species of wild birds nesting in the Park and many others visit it during the migration, from which we can highlight the Pope-flies and herons. Since the main species of mammals are the fox, weasel and genets.
The amphibians of the Park have few endemics of the Iberian Peninsula, as the salamander-Lusitanian, the Iberian frog, the newt-de-orange belly, among others.
Among reptiles the focus is on the lizard-in-water, also endemic.
At the River fever, which spans the 35-hectare nature park, also has two endemic species of fish: roach and boga-the-north.
Also part of the park facilities for recovery of wild animals found injured or held illegally in captivity, and a nursery that annually produces thousands of plants.

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