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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Visit Peniche

Peniche is a city in the district of Leiria with over 15,000 inhabitants.
It is the seat of a municipality with the same name that is 77.55 km ² and 28,615 inhabitants.
The municipality is bounded on the east by the Municipality of Óbidos, on the south by Lourinhã and flanked to the west and north by the Atlantic Ocean.
The town of Peniche is located in a peninsula with about ten kilometers from the perimeter created by a Tombolo.

Brief Historical Summary

The Municipality of Peniche was successively occupied by peoples who have made the fishing and farming their main economic activities.
Its specific geo-morphological, island and peninsular, seems to have shaped and conditioned, a point of socio-economic and cultural populations over time that occupied this territory, while allowing the county was the scene of important Peniche historic events of national and international nature.

Peniche has beaches that reach up to several kilometers. Its westernmost point is Cape Carvoeiro. The Western Cape Carvoeiro, some 11 miles, lies the archipelago Berlengas. This archipelago is now a nature reserve where rare species of flora, birds and fish.
The Parishes are Peniche: Help, Batagram, Alto, San Pedro, Serra d'El Rei, Conception.


For many years the main economic activity of this county was fishing. The Port of Peniche, which is situated on the southern coast of the peninsula is a major fishing ports in Portugal.
She is currently studying the possibility of there being non-renewable energy sources into the waters of Peniche, with likely oil exploration within a few years off the coast.


The county's gastronomic dishes are stew and crisp Fish, lobster à la Peniche, grilled sardines, fish cakes peniche.

What to Visit:

In County:
Peniche Peninsula

In Parish Help:
Pier Berlenga
Footpath of the Dogfish
Statue of Our Lady of Good Voyage
Statue of Dr. Bilhau
Lighthouses of the Port of Peniche
Beacon Farilhões
Fortaleza de San John Baptista
Underwater caves Berlenga
Church of Our Lady of Help
Berlengas Island
Island Farilhões
Islands Stele
Garden Cascade
Bridge Berlenga
Porto de Peniche
Beach Berlenga
Praia da Gamboa
Beach Chat
Beach Abalo

In the Town of Batagram:
Dam of Santo Domingo
Chapel Reinaldo
House Cat Grey
Source of Our Lady of Conception
Source of San Bernardino
Fort Consolation
Church of Consolation
Church of Mercy
Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição
St. Anthony's Church
Church of San Bernardino
Church of St. Leonard
Mill Bernardino
Castle Castle
Consolation Beach
Friars Beach

In the Town of Conception:
Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Mill Fialho

In the Town of Ferrel:
Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia
Chapel of St. Stephen
Baleal Island
Island Beach Baleal
Praia da Serra d'El Rei

In the Parish of St. Peter:
Cabo Carvoeiro
Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies
Carreiro Joannes
Farol do Cabo Carvoeiro
Peniche Fort
Divide the Walls
Cave Furninha
Church of Mercy
Monument to Jacob Rodrigues Pereira
Monument to the Fisherman
Monument at Embroiderers Peniche
Panel Tiles "Camões Saving Lusiadas
Portinho Middle
Fishing Port
Praia de Sao Pedro

In the Town of Serra d'El Rei:
Saint Sebastian Church
Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Where to Eat:
Cellar Restaurant Rural
Atlantic Restaurant
Waterfront Restaurant
Estela Restaurant
Restaurant Makes Reconciliation
Restaurant Katekero I
Restaurant Katekero II
Restaurant Maresol
Restaurant O Amaral
Paradise Restaurant da Foz
Park Restaurant
Restaurant Patriarch
Popular Restaurant
Sardines Restaurant
Restaurant Tasca do Joel
Voila Restaurant

Where to Stay:
Hostels Maciel
Atlantico Golfe Hotel
Hostels Baleal Sight
House of Tides 1
House of Tides 2
House of Tides 3
Casa do Castelo
Pension D. Inês de Castro
North Beach Hotel
Soleil Hotel Peniche
Pensao Mar Azul
Royal Palace
Camping Municipal
Peniche Hostel Backpackers
Peniche Beach Camping
Pension Avis
Pension Little Whale
Hotel Pinhalmar
Residencial Cristal
Residential Hebe
Residential Katekero II
Residential Marine
Residential Mili
Residencial Mira Mar
Hotel Neptuno
Residential Popular
Residential Rimavier
Residencial leonardo
Residential Vasco da Gama
Sea Rock Bed and Breakfast

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