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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Visit Castelo de Paiva

The Municipality of Castelo de Paiva located 45 kilometers from the city of Oporto, belongs to the District of Aveiro, extending from the limits to the Arouca River, between the municipalities of Cinfães, Gondomar and Santa Maria da Feira. This county, which is located between the Beira Litoral and Douro Litoral, has a landscape of unusual beauty.
With an area of 109 sq. km, and with a population of 17 thousand inhabitants, is a traditionally rural county, composed of 9 citys.

Bairros - original name was San Miguel de Barrios, due to the patron. The Town has a long life, despite not knowing the exact date. Males who grew up in picturesque terraces overlooking the river Paiva, forming a landscape of unique beauty.

Fornos - In the first interviews held emerges as the end of Paiva and his parish was formed in the X century and are Palo (now St. Pelagius) Patron of the Parish.
Perodiro - It was the first Earth Paiva, at least since the tenth century Territory or rocky terrain between the Arda River in the east and the small brook airs in the west. This parish is included in the coal Couto Miner coalfields, the mines worked the coalfields between 1886 and 1994.

Raiva - The 1258 referred inquiries to the location of anger as "Villa honorata" That is, with special privileges before the Crown. Populated area of prehistoric times, revealed the existence of tumuli. The parish was marked by the coal industry was thought to go back to the time of the Arab presence in the Iberian Peninsula.

Real - The town dates back to the formation of nationality, then appearing with the name of Villa Rial, despite being noble land and not real. It is situated between hills and valleys, and parts of the territory and the plain Monte de Santa Iria, about 640 meters of altitude.

Santa Maria da Sardoura - Sardoura The place name is of Arabic origin and means spinning. The inquiries for 1258 already report the existence of Sardoura. From the top of the Golan S. Gens and S. Paul can be seen a beautiful landscape of the valley of the River Douro Sardoura.

São Martonho de Sardoura - At the end of the fifteenth century it appeared as Town annexed to Santa Maria de Sardoura, but it is thought that should have former existence. The viewpoint of Catapeixe has an impressive view of the confluence of the Rio Paiva in the Douro River and on the island of the castle.

São Pedro do paraíso - Town of terrain, with a large patch of woodland with small settlements scattered throughout a large surface. The inquiries of 1258 include the territory of the Town in Pedorido, but in 1320 already appears in the record the parishes.

Sobrado - The most ancient of its existence date back to the XI. Sobrado have been home of the parents of St. Anthony of Lisbon. The legend says that Martin de Bulhões, father of San Antonio, wanted to conquer D. Teresa Taveira and to do so had to undergo severe tests of the medieval customs and has yet to be faced with a suitor for the hand of Teresa, who was named Sun Fafes. It appears that this duel, which was the winner Martin de Bulhões, held at the place where is located the Marmorial Boavista.

Short Historical Review

Initially called "Paiva" there are only about 150 years the county was renamed in Castelo de Paiva. D. Manuel I granted a charter on December 1, 1513. Castelo de Paiva has a rich history from the Palaeolithic the magnificent geographical position has made several civilizations could settle there. The proof is in several megalithic monuments known throughout the county. The Roman occupation is also evidenced by numerous monuments. In the Middle Ages the region belonged to the territory of Anégia. Only after the eleventh century, and the final conquest is beginning to form the identity of called Land of Paiva.


In County:
Douro River
Paiva River
Arda River

In Pedorido:
Church of Pedorido
Bridge of Railways and Steam Locomotive
Beach Choupal
Dock of Choupal
Dock of Arda
Mines Pejão
House of Póvoa

In Raiva:
Church Raiva
Pelourinho of raiva
Mountain Viewpoint and Chapel of St. Domingos
Chapel of Our Lady of Blackberries
Shale Villages of Midões and Gondarem
Pier Midões
Farm and chapel of Fontaínhas

In São Pedro do paraíso:
Church of St. Pedro
Chapel of Santa Barbara
Memorial to Miners
St. Eufémia

In Real:
Church of Santa Marinha and sculptures of Adro
Portal Adro
Mountain of Santa Iria
Cross of Ancia

In Bairros:
Parish Church of Bairros
Farm and Solar Fisga
Beach of Varzea
Farm of Fountain
Bridge Loureiral (Bateira)
Gallows of alto da Forca
Chapel of St. Lourenço
Chapel of Our Lord of afflicted

In Fornos:
Parish Church of Saint Pelágio
Castle Island
Chapel of Castle Island
Pier Castle
Castle Beach
Pool Castle
Portal Çarrada
Palace of Gondim
House of Cardia
Penedo do Carcajo
Bridge of Caminhas
Chapel of St. António
Cruise of Fornos
Chapel of Fontaínhas
Chapel of Our Lady of Desterro
House and Farm of Covêlo
House of Pousada
Farm of Toutiçal

In S. Martinho of Sardoura:
Church of São Martinho
Chapel of São Braz
Viewpoint of Catapeixe

In Santa Maria de Sardoura:
Church of Santa Maria
River Port
Angel of Portugal
farm of Pedregal

In Sobrado:
Church of Our Lady of the Assunção
Marmorial Sobrado
Building chain
Square of Conde
Lime Tree Park
Penedo de Vegide (Pia Moorish)
Portal da Serra
Farm of Boavista and Fountain
Farm and Chapel Vegide

Festivals and Fairs

In County:
Festivities in honor of Saint Adrião, at the end of May.
Feast of St. Domingos da Serra - August 4.
Feast of St. João - June 23.
Pilgrimage of Santa Eufemia - mid-September.
Fair Green Wine, Food and Crafts - 1st weekend of July weekend.

On Bairros:
Festivities in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows - 1st Sunday in July.
Festivities in honor of St. Lourenço - 2nd Sunday in August.

In Fornos:
Feast of Saint Pelágio - 1st weekend of July.

In São Pedro do paraíso:
Pilgrimage of Santa Eufémia - 15.15 and 16 September

In Pedorido:
Fiestas de Santa Eulália
Fiestas de Santo António
Fiestas de San Isidro
Fiestas de São Pedro
Fiestas de Santa Barbara

In Raiva:
Pilgrimage of Saint Domingos Serra - August 4
Feasts of Our Lady of Blackberries - 7 and 8 September
Feasts of San Lourenço
Feasts of San Caetano
Feasts of San Ildefonso
Feasts of São João
Feasts of St. Jose

In Real:
Feasts of Our Lady of Health - Last Sunday in August
Feasts of S. Iria
Feasts of St. Gonçalo
Feasts of St. Joseph

In Santa Maria de Sardoura:
Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption - August 15
Pilgrimage of the lady of the valley - 3rd Sunday in August

In São Martinho de Sardoura:
Feasts of São Braz - 1st Sunday of May.

In Sobrado:
Pilgrimage of Saint João - June 24
Feast of Our Lady of Miracles - 15 to 17 August.


The manufacture of artistic objects in copper, the manufacture of blankets and other pieces still produced in rudimentary looms, the making of pieces of linen, basketry and typical miniature houses built in schist stones and slate are what one can call the regional crafts of Castelo de Paiva.

There are still several artisans devoted to building musical instruments (ukuleles), or miniature vessels typical of the region (Rabelo boats), or even small models of houses most of this area, in addition to artwork in wood, pieces that reflect the arts and crafts of several generations.


Castelo de Paiva has a rich and varied gastronomy, especially rice, catfish and shad in due season the lamb with rice in the oven, put Arouquesa, the farmer's stew, steak with onion sauce and the Lapadas the cod pieces and put the traditional veal, as the most requested in this region and to the delight of connoisseurs.

The strips in the manner of Paiva, soup - dry, the desserts and bread-cake of Serradelo and Sardoura in a golden whet the appetite, become irresistible delicacies to be accompanied with the famous red green wine Paiva, one of the best of the vineyard and has repeatedly won awards at national level.

In the village and the entire municipality, you will find in restaurants as well as the tents of festivals and fairs, local specialties to grow "mouth water.



In Sobrado:
Typical Restaurant Casa de S. Peter
The Cellar Regional Gonzagas
Restaurant Casa do Zé
Ideal Restaurant Grill
Restaurant / Pizzeria Leader
Restaurant / Seafood Gate Cha
Restaurant / Pizzeria Ricardo
The Compadre Restaurant
Do Douro Terrace Restaurant
Restaurant "Bela Vista"
Central Board
Restaurant "The Pot Still
The Cellar Regional Carriço
Restaurant Café Concerto

In Bairros:
Restaurant / Seafood Gate Cha
Restaurante Dona Amelia

In Raiva:
Restaurant Palheiro

In Pedorido:
Restaurant Jardins do Arda
Adega Regional Ramadinha
Between terrace-Bridges

In Real:
Restaurant Malhadoura the

Where to stay
In Sobrado:
Hotel Rural Casa de S. Pedro
Residencial Castelo Douro

In Pedorido:
House Fornelo

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