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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Visit the Church of Saint Martin - Casal Comba

The St. Martin Church, located in the Parish of Casal Comba, presents a religious architecture, baroque rural nature. Parish church of the transition of the Century. XVII to the XVIII century, with visible markings on the composition of the main facade.The plant is composed of longitudinal nave, chancel, bell tower to the left and left with several outbuildings addorsed. Differentiated coverage roofs of two waters in the temple one water on the premises and the bell tower dome. Plastered and painted facades of white; frieze and cornice trim in. Main facade of 2 cloths, corresponding to the bell tower, left, and title page, enclosed in corners apilastrados with capitals on which rise spiers; apex of the gable marked by windings and topped by a cross; frontispiece torn by portal straight lintel with entablature on which rises curve large window lintel topped by niche.The bell tower is built to the left on the facade of the architecture of 3 records set by friezes in stone; 1st is blind crack opened by the 2nd and 3rd framed square corresponding to the Ventanas perfect round bell is topped by a cornice on which rises a bulbous roof topped by a weather vane.  
Side walls open through the back door of straight frames with frieze and cornice.Inside features single nave and chancel with wooden ceilings, 3 plane forming decorated coffered; separate presbytery ship's body by web, has two side altars in gilded line plant and an axis defined by twisted columns, with central niche containing imaginary, that flank the triumphal arch painted in imitation marbled. Chancel with altar with altarpiece in gilded cross plan and three axes defined by twisted columns and decorated with tendrils; lateral axes with small niches and the central open for dressing room with throne. Pulpit brandy decorated stone basin, with guard railings spiral; baptismal font decorated acanthus.

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