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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Visit the Statue of João Afonso de Aveiro - Vera Cruz (Aveiro)

The Statue of João Afonso de Aveiro, located in the Parish of Vera Cruz, is a work in bronze which stands on a pedestal of quadrangular section coated limestone. Of his left hand hangs a astrolábio.O monument was deployed in Rossio, one of the main points of local sociability, justifying it as a contribution to the planned landscaping of this space in 1959.
João Afonso de Aveiro, participated in the expedition to the coast of Mine (1481) and the discovery of the River Zaire and Congo Kingdom with Diogo Cao's he also associates the discovery of Benin (1486), for a time known as Lands João Afonso or Lands of Afonso de Aveiro.

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