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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy and St. Blaise - St Joan ( Aveiro )

The chapel of San Blas , located in the parish of St Joan ( Aveiro ) , also known as Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy and St. Blaise , is dated to the middle or end of the seventeenth century, according inaccurate and sparse references . Underwent extensive renovations in the 60 , XX century, which included the construction of the second bell tower , which stands on the left.Split inside with tiles in shades of blue, these are glimpsed only outwardly , the main façade . The side and rear walls are white-washed . The yellow-brown color delineates each outer edge of the building , giving relief to the straight line shape , and the geometric contours of the windows and exterior doors . At the top , one of the two bell towers that rise on either side of the main entrance , the bells are ready to spread the festive sound community .Inside the chapel, an arc mimicking an angular warhead Romanesque -Gothic separates the chancel of the meeting. Whoever enters through the front door , your eyes immediately fall on a crucifix which occupies the central part of the wall , accompanied by an image of the Sacred Heart of Mary .The stone altar, formed in rectangular complements this sacred space .In the main body of the temple , two side niches hosting the pictures São Brás and Our Lady of Mercy , the two saints who , on different dates , the first on the 3rd of February or the first Sunday of the month , and the second about two weeks after Easter, to call themselves devotees .

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